Monday, October 27, 2008

Ode to the X-Men

One of the biggest artistic influences in my life were the X-Men comics growing up, read them then, and I still read them now. I realized that I hadn't done any fan art of them so I'd give them a shot.

This was a difficult piece because I don't have the same artistic freedoms as I did the last post, especially with color because these are obviously preexisting characters. I tried to take some liberties with color without deviating from their trademark palettes. I think I'm satisfied with it, I feel that it's missing a little something but that's okay. I've spent enough time on this one, time to go on to the next one.

We start with blue and red color erase:

It's scanned and colored in Flash and then given softens and blurs in Photoshop:


  1. you know.......if you would stop posting stuff like this....the rest of us might actually look good.
    looks amazing as usual :)

  2. Ralph!
    Awesome! I love that you put Nightcrawler in there. He was always my favorite!!

    Steve (from church)

  3. wow... this one is awesome. you are very talented!!!