Saturday, December 22, 2018

Good ol' days of the Disney Afternoon

There was a Christmas episode of Talespin that I could never forget simply because of the opening scene. Baloo uses a slingshot to decorate the tree with ornaments and Kit bounces around on a pogo stick with tinsel. No matter how many Christmases pass by it lingers in my head like Jacob Marley's ghost. I decided once and for all that I'll just flush out this scene so it can leave me alone. If you care to see the episode so you have better context, it's called A Jolly Molly Christmas (Season 01 Episode 43). Just visiting this old show made me realize just how robust it's world-building was. It was so well thought out it felt like you can actually live in it. After posting this, I can finally move on. 

And of course as I always say to the younger crowds, if you don't know this show ... google it son.

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