Monday, October 22, 2007

Waaaahhhhoooo! My blog!

Well after all this time I finally have a blog, since I don't have ANY way to display my work. :-) Well I'll just post up stuff here and there as I go along making new drawings (if I actually do make new drawings) and hope that everyone enjoys.

So these first set of drawing are are drawings that I have done in Flash. The drawing were scanned in and dropped into flash and completely finished in it. There was no aid from Photoshop or anything because I wanted to see what I could do with the program illustratively. They were quite fun to do and they were done really FAST! Flash is a great program to have things look complete and slick in very little time. Also too if you like any of these drawings that I post up I do make prints of them for sale. I'm still figuring out the whole paypal account thing but I'll I'll get that up soon.

So this was the first one I did.

I was really happy how the octopus lady came out . . .

This one is kinda big, you may wanna click on this one to get a better look.

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